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Our Staff

Kate Marden - Owner

Kate Marden, Master Falconer, West Coast Falconry founder and Owner. Has been a falconer since 1998 and is an experienced speaker and educator. She is a successful business owner in Marin County specializing in canine care. Her work with birds of prey predates her years as a licensed falconer. Kate has worked in bird of prey interpretive programs at Renaissance Fairs, Corporate Events, Historical Events, Scottish Games and schools for more near twenty years.

Kate has flown her birds in videos and on shows such as Mythbusters, Nat Geo, KQED, Wreakreation Nation, Unchained Reaction, Mancations and Methods of Take. She specialized in training her raptors outside of the box. Her vision for creating a falconry center in the United States that is accessible to everyone is the seed that grew West Coast Falconry.

*Photo Credit: Melina Zoe Walling*




Diana Ledford

Diana Ledford is our newest staff member here at West Coast Falconry. She is looking forward to starting her Apprenticeship soon!


Francie Brower

Francie Brower is a General Falconer and Summer Staff member here at WCF. She will be attending school at the College of the Redwoods. Her major is in Wildlife Conservation.

Apprentice Seminar and Special Events Staff


Marya Lehman

Marya Lehman, a General Falconer, has been working with birds of prey through rehab and educational organizations since 2008. She enjoys her time spent training birds and working them. And in her spare time she enjoys painting birds of prey in all sorts of mediums. Check out Marya’s Facebook Art Page!


Jana Barkley

Jana Barkley, a Master Falconer, is an experienced educator and lecturer. Her energy and enthusiasm for the sport of falconry has impressed audiences. Jana is also a published writer whose work revolves around her passion for the sport of falconry. She is a past director for the California Hawking Club. Purchase a copy of Jana’s book here: The Apprentice


Brandon Wise