Kate Marden – Owner

Master falconer and founder/owner of West Coast Falconry, it was Kate’s vision and specialization of training raptors outside of the box and through methods rooted in trust, compassion, and positive reinforcement that formed West Coast Falconry–a falconry center accessible to everyone, here in the United States, where all people can have an opportunity to experience intimate interactions with birds of prey.

She’s been a falconer since 1998, but has considerable raptor experience predating it, as well as having successfully owned her own canine care business in Marin County. With an array of experience in bird of prey interpretive programs at renaissance fairs, corporate events, historical events, Scottish games, and schools, she brings her vast experience, knowledge, and passion to culmination here at the center.

Kate has flown her birds in videos and on various shows, including Mythbusters, Nat Geo, KQED, Wreakreation Nation, Unchained Reaction, Mancations, and Methods of Take.

Amber and Cailleach

Amber Rae Kelley

Having been a fixture at West Coast Falconry since she was 13, Amber now is a master falconer and proud owner of her Harris’ Hawk, Maggie. Now, after a two-year hiatus, we are thrilled to have her with us again.



Heather Amadan

Heather Schweitzer

Filled with an incredible dedication to her work, Heather is an excellent addition to our team splitting her time between with a few different jobs and school. Heather assists in all of the birds’ daily routines including educational programs on and off-site. Her outgoing personality and strong work ethic bring forth all of the characteristics needed to work with birds of prey.

Brian and Ragnar first hunt scaled

Brian Goodrich Camp

With over 20 years of falconry experience under his belt and the title of master falconer, Brian has diverse experience in both education and abatement with a plethora of raptors including various eagles, hawks, and falcons. He has also brought forward new training techniques that have been integrated into our center’s education and handling programs.

Leah Diego Scaled

Leah Cummings

After her previous work at a song bird banding station, a natural reserve, and various pet clinics in the bay area, Leah brings forward an eagerness to learn about raptors and the art of falconry. She specializes as our administration assistant in addition to assisting our education programs, away events, and individual bird routines on a daily basis.

Apprentice Seminar and Special Events Staff


Marya Lehman

Marya Lehman, a General Falconer, has been working with birds of prey through rehab and educational organizations since 2008. She enjoys her time spent training birds and working them. And in her spare time she enjoys painting birds of prey in all sorts of mediums. Check out Marya’s Facebook Art Page!

Jana and Lanier

Jana Barkley

Jana Barkley, a Master Falconer, is an experienced educator and lecturer. Her energy and enthusiasm for the sport of falconry has impressed audiences. Jana is also a published writer whose work revolves around her passion for the sport of falconry. She is a past director for the California Hawking Club. Purchase a copy of Jana’s book here: The Apprentice

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