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Glove Up and Get Ready

Choose the falconry experience that best suits your level of interest or your particular need. You will find that our educational demonstrations can be tailored to suit any size and age group. Everyone enjoys watching a spectacular aerial display of a raptor in flight or even a close-up, face-to-face encounter!

Note: Please book your appointments very carefully. All sales are final. We do not give refunds but will apply a credit to a gift card to be used in future events given 48 hours’ notice of cancellation. This policy applies to West Coast Falconry’s cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone or email to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. No-shows will be charged the full price.

We are a private residence, so there are a couple of rules.

  1. Non-participant/observers must leave the premises for the duration of the class.
  2. No pets allowed, no exceptions.
Mariposa Kate

    Basic Falconry Lesson

    Falconry Classes for Beginners Falconry the most regulated field sport in the U.S. To become a licensed falconer takes years of patience and care. Falconry is not a hobby; it is a lifestyle. Many people are fascinated with birds of…

    from $85.00
    falconry training in motion

      Triple Raptor Experience

      Raptor Air Show We have come up with this Triple Raptor Experience to show you all three types of birds that we have here at the center without having to leave the training green (Kate’s front lawn). This is a…

      from $240.00
      Falconry Experience image 1

        The Falconry Experience

        Hands-On Experience with Falcons, Hawks and Owls The Falconry Experience is a three-hour, hands-on encounter with trained birds of prey. Learn about the different raptors here at the center, the art of falconry, the bird’s natural history and their role…

        from $360.00
        closeup bird of prey

          Owl Encounter

          Learn the facts about the most primitive raptor on the planet, their role in the environment, natural history, conservation its habitat and how falconers have related to this enigmatic bird in the past as well as the present. See all…

          from $75.00
          Diego 4 Scott McCuster

            Hawk Walk

            California Hawk Walk Our Hawk Walk takes the basic lesson to the next level as we move your experience into the oak wood forest behind the center. Imagine a hawk dropping down 20-60  feet from a tree or flying a…

            from $160.00
            group of children learning about birds of prey

              Junior Falconer’s Day

              Falconry Day Camp The perfect summer adventure for your 8 to 12 year-old bird enthusiast, animal lover, or future animal trainer or vet! The kids become raptor experts through outdoor activities, games, science discoveries, and the unforgettable experience of working…

              from $160.00
              bird of prey in flight

                Junior Falconers Day

                A day of Falconry for young people Young folks can immerse themselves in a day of outdoor activities, games, and the unforgettable experience of working with our trained birds of prey! A unique summer adventure for any 10 to 17…

                from $160.00
                islay 3

                  Falcon Excursion

                  This one is all about Falcons If you are obsessed with falcons, this is the class for you. In the Falcon Excursion we take up to four people to watch one of our falcons stoop to the lure; an opportunity…

                  from $170.00
                  unnamed scaled

                    Photographic Hawk Walk

                    With our unique subject matter and spectacular scenery, how could we not offer the opportunity to capture stunning images of our birds in action? Cameras are of course allowed during our other programs, but for the Photographic Hawk Walk we…

                    from $160.00
                    Falcon on Glove After Target 3

                      Private Triple Raptor Experience

                      Private Raptor Show Summer is just around the corner and with the weather heating up, so are the rattlesnakes. We have come up with this private summer experience to show you all three types of birds that we have here at the…

                      from $585.00

                        Private Raptor Outing

                        Our Most Intimate Experience An intimate experience at West Coast Falconry Center for private groups of 1 to 4 people. Select which program you prefer: Falcons & Hawks – Watch a falcon fly at amazing speeds to the falconer’s lure,…

                        from $585.00

                          Lore of the Owls

                          The West Coast Falconry Center is excited to offer a nighttime excursion with our owls! Join us for an extraordinary evening filled with legends and stories of the owls and experience their presence all around you. Night time is the…

                          from $180.00
                          California Poppies scaled

                            Nature Excursion

                            Join us on a nature hike observing the native flora and fauna on our beautiful piece of land. This excursion will teach you about basic identification skills and provide you a background of knowledge to use in all aspects of…

                            from $150.00
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