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We offer refunds in a form of gift card code (credit), no cash refunds.

Yes, please go to this link to our local lodgings list.

No. Dogs are not allowed at the center. Many raptors do not like dogs and barely tolerate the dogs who reside here. Strange dogs affect our birds’ performance and upset the resident dogs.

Yes! We have a special Falconry Education Permit allowing non-licensed visitors to handle our falconry school birds. All of our experiences allow unforgettable, up-close encounters that you cannot experience anywhere else.

Yes. Some of our experiences allow for you to tag along as a paid observer. Observers are allowed to take pictures during the presentation and still get the full presentation without holding a bird on the fist.

Absolutely! Our Basic Falconry Lesson, the Owl Encounter and the Triple Raptor Experience are suited to those in wheelchairs. Both programs allow you to hold birds on the glove and see them up close.

During the fall and winter months (hunting season) we did offer a Hunting Excursion which put you right in the front row as our Harris hawks pursue game in the field. Due to the loss of habitat of our hunting fields we can no longer offer the Hunting Excursions.

Working with live animals, we must consider their well-being at all times. Our birds are active and flying during your experience and their health and performance can be affected by hot weather. Our center is also located in snake country. Some of our experiences such as our Hawk Walks or Falconry Experience put us in areas of our facility where there is a risk of rattlesnake encounters. We will give at least a 48-hour notice if programs need to be rescheduled due to weather.

We are constantly training with birds and working between presentations. We ask that you not arrive more than 15 minutes before the start of your program. The gate to our center will be closed until 15 minutes prior to the start of any program. So, you have time before and after your program to view our wonderful birds.

All our presentations are outdoors and subject to the weather. Please dress accordingly and bring layers if needed. Cameras are great to capture some amazing memories too! Our birds are also hunters so please do not wear any fur or visible feathered clothing or accessories.