Our Seminars are starting again!

West Coast Falconry Apprentice Seminar is a comprehensive three-day course for the prospective falconer and raptor fan.  The course schedule is demanding and intense while also being great fun.

Three days is not enough time to become a falconer.  However, students that complete this course will come away with the knowledge of how to choose a sponsor, the time commitment involved, necessary experience and falconry licensing requirements.  Our apprentice falconry course was developed to give would-be falconers as much information as possible to help make their apprentice years successful and rewarding.  We put this program together from the perspective of our own apprenticeships; what information were we lacking in our early training that would have made our apprenticeships more fulfilling for ourselves and especially our raptors?

This course is also a good primer for raptor rescue volunteers and others interested in learning falconry techniques for research, immersion and enjoyment.  During the first two workshop days, students will learn the basics of raptor husbandry, manning and training, the ins and outs of current laws and regulations, and how to make essential basic falconry equipment.  The third day will focus on hunting and the study of field etiquette and hunting strategies.

While our course in and of itself will not make you an apprentice, nor will it find you a sponsor, it will give you a very solid footing in, and a better understanding of, the ancient sport of falconry.  Potential sponsors know that our graduates will have a competent understanding of the basics of falconry.  All materials are provided including a California Hawking Club Study Guide and certificate of completion.

Class Schedule:

  • Friday 8am – 5pm, – Breakfast, lunch and snacks included
  • Saturday 8am – 5pm – Breakfast, lunch and snacks included
  • Sunday 7am – 1 or 2pm – Breakfast, lunch and snacks included

* Study raptor biology
* Become familiar with the ethics of falconry
* Learn about the birds of North American falconry
* Learn basic husbandry, furniture and housing for raptors
* Gain knowledge of falconry manning and training techniques (operant conditioning)
* Gain hands-on experience
* Learn how to obtain a permit and how to find and choose a sponsor
* Study hunting strategies by participating in an actual hunt
* Building your own leashes, anklets and jesses in the evening labs

The fee for this seminar is $770. Minimum age is 14. Maximum class size is nine people. The Falconry Apprentice Course space is limited and therefore reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

Does not include lodgings, please see our Local Lodgings List.

non-refundable** deposit of $100 is required. **If we are not able to make class minimum, we will refund or apply your deposit to the next class dates.

The Apprentice Seminar requires $100 deposit to enroll. This is the only way to guarantee placement in the course. Full payment is due two (2) weeks prior to date of the Seminar. Cancellation may be made in writing or by email no less than two (2) weeks prior to the course date. No cash refunds will be made, but course credit may be transferred to another person, course or date. If you cancel less than two (2) weeks prior to the course, your payments will be forfeit.

To register for the Falconry Apprentice Course, please call or email to check availability. Please fill out our enrollment/waiver form (This does not guarantee your spot, but flags it until we receive your deposit) and then send a $100 deposit check, made out to West Coast Falconry, to:

West Coast Falconry
10308 Spring Valley Rd.
Marysville, CA 95901

Phone: 530-749-0839

Email: westcoastfalconry@gmail.com

This class is designed for the serious student who may be ready to make the commitment to become a licensed falconer. The first of this course covers the federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to hunting and falconry. How these laws are interpreted is complicated but necessary to learn. All state falconry laws are based on federal guidelines and California was the egg from which these falconry regulations were hatched. The California Hawking Club Study Guide is a great tool for all United States falconry exams.

The classroom and mews are located at our six acre property in Yuba County.