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West Coast Falconry

Falconry in Northern California

Preservation through Education

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West Coast Falconry is Open for Classes!

If you feel unwell, please reschedule your class or ask for a gift card. Guests who are symptomatic will be required to leave the center and their class will be forfeit.

Class groups are small with plenty of room for groups to maintain distance comfort.

Staff will don masks when approaching guests within 5-6 feet as in adjusting a bird or putting meat on a guests’ glove. Guests are encouraged to wear masks when in close proximity to others.

Leather gauntlets are washed and sanitized after each class.

Guests are required to wash/sanitize their hands before the start of class.

About Our Legendary Ancient Hunting Tradition

West Coast Falconry is your premier Northern California resource for a full range of hands-on falconry classes and services.

Owner and Master Falconer, Kate Marden, invites you to join her and the staff at the West Coast Falconry Center to get a glimpse inside this incredible and ancient hunting tradition. Our classes and experiences are for falconers and non-falconers alike where you can actually work hands-on with our birds of prey.

We are also the first in the state to offer an apprentice seminar that helps prepare you to become a licensed falconer. Choose the falconry experience that best suits your level of interest or your particular need.

You will find that our educational demonstrations can be tailored to suit any size and age group. Everyone enjoys watching a spectacular aerial display of a raptor in flight or even a close-up, face-to-face encounter!

Over 300 Five-Star Reviews on Tripadvisor!

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Unique Opportunity

"Set up our visit to West Coast Falconry for a birthday surprise for my wife. She was extremely excited because of the hands on experience. The personnel was very knowledgeable and patient, I would recommend this experience to anyone who loves animals. All COVID 19 guidelines were followed to the letter and we felt very safe the entire time."

– Paul M., Tripadvisor
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Owl Experience

"I love West Coast Falconry. If you love owls & hawks I definitely recommend this place. You’ll learn facts about the owls & hawks. You can also get your picture taken with the owls & hawks. I loved it & I would definitely go back."

– Breanna R., Tripadvisor
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Great Experience!

"Amazing experience! The people are friendly, fun and knowledgable. And the birds! Oh my gosh, the birds! What an incredible thing to experience these magnificent creatures up close and personal."

– Kyra E., Tripadvisor
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Another Fun Visit

"I, grandma, am taking each of my six grandchildren, individually, to the basic class. The three so far have thoroughly enjoyed the experience as have I. What a unique opportunity to be up close and personal with the magnificent birds. We drive from Bakersfield to Marysville for the class and make a weekend of it, staying with relatives in Sacramento."

– Willa M., Tripadvisor
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Amazing Intro Experience

"My visit to West Coast Falconry was amazing. They had super knowledgeable guides that had a great grasp on both the history and the practical current day applications of this sport. The birds themselves were awesome and the Harris Hawk that interacted with us was just a joy to train with."

– Leo C., Tripadvisor