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Mother's & Father's Day

Falcons, Hawks, and Owls…Oh My!

We have come up with an experience to show you all three types of birds that we have here at the center.

First : Falcons – Watch as a falconer lure stoops one of our birds as they reach amazing speeds in an aerial demonstration of swiftness and agility. Discover why falcons are the fastest creatures on the planet.

Second: Hawks – After we return the falcon, we glove up and take one of our trained Harris hawks to the training green and put them through their paces. We will teach you to call the bird to the glove and cast it away.

Third: Owls – And lastly we finish up with the owl. Learn the facts about the most primitive raptor on the planet, its role in nature, its habitat, and how falconers have related to this enigmatic bird in the past and now in the present.


Participants: $180 

Estimated time: 2 hours
Number of participants: 20 max
Minimum age: 8

This program has been developed by popular demand by our past clients, and now we are offering it as an event perfectly suited to the summer, when we cannot hike through our woods and fly in the valley.

Mother’s Day May 12th, 2019

Father’s Day June 16th, 2019

Mom and Dad are free on their respective days, please use the codes MOM2019 and DAD2019. Wheelchair accessible.