Nature Excursion

  • Bird N/A
  • Duration 2.5 hours
  • Age 7+
  • Number of participants 4
  • Accessibility Not wheelchair accessible, no pets allowed
All about the Nature Excursion.

Join us on a nature hike observing the native flora and fauna on our beautiful piece of land. This excursion will teach you about basic identification skills and provide you a background of knowledge to use in all aspects of the natural world. Our team of naturalists and falconers explore songbird populations and provide educational insight on native and non-native plant species.

This class allows your inner-child to explore the great world we live in and share personal insight with other nature lovers. You will learn about the history of the Native Americans that lived on this land along with the abandoned gold mine that once offered significant opportunities for a wide array of people. 

This class isn’t solely based around falconry and instead delves into the conservation and preservation techniques you can do on an individual level.