Lore of the Owls – This class is postponed until a later date

  • Bird Owls
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Age 9+
  • Number of participants 2-8
  • Note No dogs allowed, not wheelchair accessible
All about the Lore of the Owls – This class is postponed until a later date.

The West Coast Falconry Center is excited to offer a nighttime excursion with our owls! Join us for an extraordinary evening filled with legends and stories of the owls and experience their presence all around you. Night time is the right time for all things owl and you will get to experience their behavior in the early hours of the evening.


We’ll begin the night with an interactive presentation on these mystical creatures. We will share a variety of cultural legends and anecdotes around a fire at the center, sipping on hot chocolate or coffee and accompanied by our owls. You’ll end the night gloving up and having one of our owls fly to you and you’ll receive a special feather from our non-native owl as a gift.


Owls are always a fan favorite and we wanted to share this rare experience with you during the fall and winter months. We invite you to dress in costumes to deepen your engagement with us and our birds; we just ask that you refrain from feathers, fur and big props! Birds of prey are fascinating animals and the West Coast Falconry Center’s Special Use Permit from U.S. Fish and Wildlife allows you to fly our trained birds of prey.

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