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  • November–May

The Falconry Experience

Quick Details

Person Ages 9+

Hands-On Experience with Falcons & Hawks

The Falconry Experience is a three-hour, hands-on encounter with trained birds of prey.

After we introduce ourselves, we take you to meet the birds and learn basic field etiquette. We then walk out to a nearby meadow and work with falcons in their different levels of training.

Our birds can reach amazing speeds in an aerial demonstration of swiftness and agility. Discover why falcons are the fastest creatures on the planet.

After we return the falcons to their mews, we glove up and take one of our trained Harris hawks into the forested hills behind the center. With a flying style very different from falcons, our hawks work with you on a more intimate level, involving plenty of one-on-one interaction. Fall in love with falconry’s most creative and endearing hawk.

There are plenty of photo opportunities and time to answer all of your questions. Immerse yourself in the raptor world. A great gift for someone special, including yourself!