WCF School Program Policies


Please check your in-service days, holidays and bus dates prior to choosing dates.

Schedule early in the year to help guarantee your preferred date and time.

Reservations for School Presentations

To make reservations:

  • Download the appropriate PDF Booking Form for the program you are interested in, complete, and mail or fax to the Center.
    Mailing Address: 10309 Spring Valley Road, Marysville, CA 95901
    Fax #: 888.908.7868

All reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basisTwo (2) weeks advance registration requested, we cannot guarantee availability of falconers or birds if requested within two (2) weeks.  Reservations at or within two (2) weeks of booking require full payment at booking and issuance of invoice.

Reservations are confirmed when you receive an invoice from the scheduling department.  Do not assume you have a reservation until you receive your invoice.  This serves as your confirmation for your program.


Fees for School Presentations

We hold a falconry education permit through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but we are not funded by them, so program fees are how this organization is supported.

  • Refer to individual program descriptions for a complete list of program prices.
  • Program payments are due two (2) weeks prior to the earliest presentation or service date. Make checks payable to West Coast Falconry. Only single-check payments will be accepted per program; multiple checks from parents will be returned. Persons scheduling programs are responsible for related fees. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged an additional $35 fee.  Checks must be at the Falconry Center prior to the presentation.  Presenters/Falconers are not authorized to receive checks the day of the presentation.
  • Payments (check or credit card) not received within the required time will result in the cancellation of your reservation.  Please see cancellation policies for more information.

Additional charges and options for requested presentations:

  • Depending on the presentation two or three raptors, such as an owl, hawk, vulture and falcon are presented.  If you would like additional birds that would be an additional $50 per bird (not including the eagle owl)
  • The eagle owl can be available upon request and is an additional: $100
  • Each additional consecutive program on the same day at the same site: 30% off each consecutive program (up to three programs) – this is after total of attended has been added.
  • Our hawks and falcons love to fly for presentations – indoors or outdoors!  However this does require additional staff to accompany the program at an additional cost of $100 for the day.

Travel charges of $.57 cents per mile from the center will be applied to all presentations (round-trip) for staff travel expenses.   Lodging and food will be charged if applicable.

Group Size for School Presentations

Program fees are based on the number of participants as well as the program delivered.  See program descriptions for fees.  A refund will not be given if fewer students attend than the number of students listed on the invoice.  Any additional participants over the required maximum will be charged at $10 per child.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

One rescheduling change request may be accommodated per invoice depending upon staff and program availability and if requested two (2) weeks prior to the program or first service date. A $25 dollar service charge will be charged for each additional time a program or service is rescheduled by request.  The Falconry Center charges a $65 fee for programs rescheduled less than two weeks before the date of the program.
Two tips to avoid cancelling and rescheduling:

  • Check to make sure your program location is available before you schedule your program.
  • If you’re planning a program with another group, confirm that they have cleared their schedule as well.

A two (2) weeks cancellation notice is required for a refund; minus a 10% administration fee; otherwise no refunds.

None of the above applies when a cancellation or rescheduling is facilitated by the Falconry Center due to a health related or unforeseen emergency.  We will reschedule the program at our soonest availability.

What You Need to Know to Be Prepared for our Presentations


  • An open floor space with a four-foot minimum empty space between the audience and presenter, with a six-foot table at the front of the presentation area.
  • Programs must be held in a room in which there is no other simultaneous activity.
  • The teacher and/or school approved adult volunteers are responsible for supervision and must remain with the students at all times.  A program will not be presented without a supervising adult present.
  • Some of the presentations include an informative and interactive PowerPoint presentation.  We ask that those presentations have ready access to a power outlet, projection screen and surface to place projector and equipment.  This does not include the six-foot table requested above. A projector cart or empty student desk are perfect.
  • Please no siblings!  This experience is for the students and young siblings can be a distraction to the presentation.  Including loud sudden noises may make the birds nervous limiting their time with your students.
  • Our programs include live birds; specific bird availability may change according to health and other concerns. Substitutions may be made without warning.  If the Eagle Owl was requested and cannot attend an additional bird will be added and a refund of the $100.
  • We will arrive early to set up. To protect the health of the birds we will begin promptly at the scheduled time; any start delay of over 15min will be subject to an additional $25 fee. We can provide multiple programs in a single day if they are held consecutively, at a lower price per each additional program.
  • We will require parking close to campus and the presentation area.
  • Our birds are not ‘pets’ and no touching of the birds will be allowed.  We will have feathers that the children can touch.
  • West Coast Falconry reserves the right to end a presentation if the safety and health of the birds are compromised due to inappropriate behavior from the audience.  No refunds will be issued.

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