Teeka, whose name is derived from the Navajo “Ahteeka”, meaning Sun Maiden, is our Female Peruvian Harris Hawk.  Unlike their Sonoran counterparts, the Peruvian Harris Hawk remains much lighter in color and is a tad smaller in size, but incredibly nimble and talented!  Teekah is one of our star educators at the facility, specializing in flights through hoops, guests’ arms, and other small spaces.

Teekas’ species is native to the US.  As such, she can be used for documentaries and other not-for-profit productions.


  • Flies to any handler or actor
  • Flies point to point for action shots
  • Specializes in flying through hoops and other small spaces
  • Poses for still shots
  • Highly adaptable to any situation
  • Minimal special handling experience required (we can teach you on set)


  • Showdown of The Unbeatables – National Geographic
  • Main subject for many professional and amatuer photo shoots

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