A beautiful and impressive lady indeed, Shadow is our Female White Gyrfalcon, and is the largest falcon in our fleet. Her impressive size and unbridled beauty make for a show stopping presence on in any scene.  The Gyrfalcon was traditionally the bird of kings in medieval falconry, and often used to barter or pay ransoms.  Still today, the White Gyrfalcon is a highly sought after and prized falcon for their size, beauty, strength and stamina.  After meeting Shadow, you will understand the why.


Shadow is a Gyrfalcon and is native to the US.  As such, she can be used for documentaries and other not-for-profit productions.


  • Flies to our handlers on your set for action shots
  • Poses for still shots
  • Special handling required


  • Poses as a model for many professional shoots
  • Takes both static and action shots

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