School Assembly

Harris_hawk-1024x682Grade levels available: K-12


See adaptations in action when a raptor flies inside your school! Get an up-close look at falcons, hawks, owls, and vultures.  What makes these birds unique from other birds and what are the physical structures, feather types and wing shapes that allow these predators to survive in the wild? Assemblies will include 4 birds of prey and students will get the opportunity to explore their special features in person.

Key Concepts: Habitats, adaptations, life cycles, conservation, food webs, flight
Cost: One Assembly: $495 + travel. A second encore assembly given right after the first: $375

– It is most effective to group your students by grade level
– A kindergarten to 3rd grade assembly lasts about 35-45 minutes
– An assembly for 4th grade and up lasts about 45-55 minutes
– An assembly for the whole school lasts 45-55 minutes

Please see our Program Policies and request a booking: West Coast Falconry Raptor Force Assembly Booking Form.


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