Our Birds

Cailleach2Cailleach (pronounced Kay-leesh) –  A 2005 Eurasian Eagle Owl, her name means ‘Wise Woman’ or ‘Crone’ in Gaelic. Eurasian Eagle Owls are the largest species of owl in the world. Her wing span is near six feet! She is considered an average size for this species weighing in at six pounds. (Sounds light? Try placing a five pound sack of flour on your left wrist and hold it there.) Cailleach is a favorite at educational events and also moonlights in bird abatement. She is afraid of little wheels and umbrellas.




Amadan –
Her whole name is Amadan Ban Bheag, which is Gaelic for Little White Fool. Amadan hatched on April 1st of 2013 and is a new kid on the block. She is a captive bred Barn Owl and she helps us to teach about rodent poison and its impact on wild raptor populations.





ZopiloteZopi – His full name is Zopilote Cathartus and he is a 2013 Yellow Headed Vulture. Sweet and silly, he will always bring a smile to your face. Vultures are on the decline throughout the world due to may factors, including lead poisoning and pharmaceuticals used on cattle. Getting him to be still long enough to photograph him is a chore.


Webby Webster – A 2007 Lanner/Saker hybrid is named after a famous North American falconer and author Hal Webster. He loves to talk, especially when Kate is talking.  He is a real ham during flight demonstrations and is good at wowing the crowds. He comes right out of the sun at speeds upwards of 100 mph and excels in vertical drops, stoops. Webster also works at abatement.


Enkidu – Our newest falcon addition to WCF is this 2014 Aplomado Falcon.   Enkidu is right now the loudest of the flock with his constant baby bird chirping, but his high energy spirit and sweet demeanor has helped him earn a place in our hearts.





Don Diego – His full name is Don Diego Alejandro Santiago Saragossa Inigo Montoya Del Gato. He is a 2005 Harris’ Hawk and has been doing education events since he was 24 weeks old. If we go hunting near a school he will leave the hunt to go visit the kids. He also does abatement work.


– Is Don Diego’s older sister by a couple of years. She is a 2003 Harris Hawk and she came to us in ’09 after hunting with a falconer since’ 03. Mariposa is an accomplished hunter and also does education work. She loves a crowd. She likes to tease the dogs and her favorite color is red!





Teeka – From the Navajo ‘Ahteeka’, which means Sun Maiden. Teeka is a 2011 Peruvian Harris Hawk, smaller and rather shy when compared to the Sonoran Harris Hawks. Teeka came to us when she was returned to breeder because she didn’t act like a regular Harris Hawk. Two years of patient training, especially by Jana, has paid off in spades and Teeka is now one of our top teachers.




Cowboy – Cowboy is a 2013 Harris Hawk who is learning the ropes. His silly, young self is a new favorite with groups. He likes to play with sticks and bones.





PiperPiper – Piper is a 2012 Swainson’s Hawk. This is not a species used in falconry and the Swainson’s Hawk has been a threatened species for many years. Piper was found and imprinted by a rehab facility. He cannot be released to the wild because he is imprinted on people.   He teaches about habitat loss and other factors that threaten his species.



ZephyrZephyr – Zephyr is a 30 year old Finnish Goshawk.  She came to WCF two years ago after a full falconry career and spending ten years in a breeding project.  She is now retired, and after a couple years of rest, relaxation and exercise she made her debut back in to the hunting field. Zephyrs story is important because she was one of the first Finnish Goshawks  imported to the states for breeding purposes. Finnish goshawks are still shot in their homeland, much like the Peregrine falcon and other raptors in the mid 1900s here in the states.



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