Mariposa is the star of our center.  Born in 2003, Mariposa was named to reflect her dainty perception of herself.  Mariposa means “Butterfly” in Spanish, which she demonstrates daily as she chooses the smallest of twigs to land her giant self on… and promptly takes flight again as they break under her impressive size!  Mariposa is one of our primary working birds performing for large public events, schools, photo shoots, video and daily in our lessons at the Falconry Center.

Mariposa is a native raptor to the US, and may be utilized only for documentary and not-for-profit creations.



  • Flies to any handler or actor
  • Flies point to point for action shots
  • Poses for static shots
  • Highly adaptable to any situation
  • No handling experience required to handle this hawk  


  • Showdown of the Unbeatables (National Geographic)
  • Primary education hawk for Schools and groups at our facility
  • Performed for many amateur and professional photography sessions

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