West Coast Falconry – San Diego

At last, a partner in the south. Introducing West Coast Sky Falconry.
West Coast Sky Falconry is a private residence and is open only for scheduled classes. They are located approximately 45 minutes East of downtown San Diego, just outside of Alpine. Please contact them directly to book a visit

Phone: 619-722-0092
Email: info@skyfalconry.com

West Coast Sky Falconry invites you to visit our facility in Southern California. Our packages are private and offered at our site but we are happy to tailor an experience for a site of your choosing. For example, clubs and organizations may want to host our falconers during a meeting or event. We can customize the classes to meet your needs.
Note – Birds can not be flown in conditions of extreme temperatures, hard rain and high winds. West Coast Sky Falconry checks weather conditions daily and will contact guests in the event of cancellation and reschedule.



Our instructors guide you in learning to hold a hawk, cast it from your glove and then call it back again. You will be helping us to put one of our seasoned birds through their paces. This is the foundation for working with a falconry bird in the field. You will also learn about the history of falconry and the role of raptors in their natural environment, as well as conservation. This class is offered at West Coast Sky Falconry or Torrey Pines Gliderport when the weather is too hot. 

NOTE: Wheelchair accessible. Minimum age requirement of 7 for participants in this class, though younger folks may observe.

Price:  $70 per person. $35 for observer.
Time:  1 hour
Number of participants: Up to 12
Offered year round by appointment pending weather conditions



Our Hawk Walk takes the Basic Lesson to the next level as we move your experience into the San Diego mountains. Imagine a hawk dropping 20 feet from a tree or flying a hundred feet and more through the landscape to return to the glove when you call. You will be instructed in field training techniques such as following on and casting the hawk from your glove. There is no more beautiful setting for the classroom and you will never forget the pleasure of learning how to partner with a trained hawk in her natural environment. 

NOTE: Minimum age requirement of 9 for participants and observers in this class.

Price: $140 per person, $70 for observer.
Time: 1 1/2 hours
Number of participants: 1-10
This is a cool weather activity, offered throughout late fall, winter and spring.



With our unique subject matter and spectacular scenery, how could we not offer the opportunity to capture stunning images of our birds in action. Cameras are of course allowed during our other programs but for the Photographic Hawk Walk we take it to the next level. With one of our Falconers doing a majority of the bird handling, working the “golden glow” and setting up multiple shots, you are definitely guaranteed a few keepers. For this program, upon request, we may fly two of our Harris’ Hawks at the same time.

Price: $175 per person, $70 for observer.
Time: 1 1/2 – 2 hours
Number of participants: 1-10
This is a cool weather activity, offered throughout late fall, winter and spring.

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