Don Diego

Don Diego

One of our most flirtatious and charming hawks, Don Diego’s real name is Don Diego Alejandro Santiago Saragossa Inigo Montoya Del Gato.  But you may call him Diego.  Born in 2005, and having visited the University of The Most Interesting, Diego holds the title of being the World’s Most Interesting Hawk. We would love for you to meet him and allow him to prove this to be true. He is a notorious flirt and the youngest person he has worked with was 1 1/2.

Diego is a Sonoran Harris Hawk and is native to the US.  As such, he can be used for documentaries and other not-for-profit productions.


  • Flies to any handler or actor
  • Flies point to point for action shots
  • Poses for still shots
  • Highly adaptable to any situation
  • No handling experience required to work with Don Diego



  • Recreation Nation
  • Mancations (Travel Channel)
  • Dos Equis special event at The University of The Most Interesting
  • Main subject for many professional and amatuer photo shoots

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