Experience Birds of Prey first-hand

The Majesty of the Ancient Art of Falconry

The Majesty of the Ancient Art of Falconry

Next Apprentice Seminar – October 24, 25 & 26. Class size is limited so call to reserve your place now!

West Coast Falconry is your Northern California resource for a full range of Falconry classes and services. Owner and Master Falconer, Kate Marden, invites you to join her and the staff at the West Coast Falconry Center to get a glimpse inside this incredible and ancient hunting tradition. Our classes and experiences are for falconers and non-falconers alike. We are the first in the state to offer an apprentice course that will help prepare you to become a licensed falconer.

Choose the falconry experience that best suits your level of interest or your particular need. You will find that our educational demonstrations can be tailored to suit any size and age group. Everyone enjoys watching a spectacular aerial display of a raptor in flight. You can even call and sign up to join the West Coast Falconry staff on a live, guided hunt and witness the falconer and raptor work together as a team to hunt prey.

Webby Palmer1Below are some interesting videos; educational, funny and some with the birds of West Coast…
Mariposa helps to make a Special Day
True Facts about the Owl 
A Swimming Bald Eagle
Slow motion video of a Goshawk in flight



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